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 011: Total Station & GIS applied in Archaeology

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What you will learn ?

In the Fieldwork

  • Total Station Gis Applied in ArchaeologyUse and handling of a Total Station..

  • Creating a topographical database generated by the Total Station with elementary information from the site to design an archaeological map.

  • Photograph Collection to create three-dimensional models of tombs, structures and remains from the Roman city of Sanisera.

In the Laboratory

  • Applied autocad ArcgisLearning, handling and practices with AutoCAD, Golden Surfer, Photomodeler, Google Sketchup y ArcGIS.

  • Design of an archaeological map in AutoCAD with the information provided by the Total Station.

  • Creating 3D models of various archaeological topics (graves, artifacts, structures).

  • Design, preparation and management of archaeological information in a GIS platform using the map created in CAD, and manipulation of the database of the excavation.



  • History, archaeology, economy and culture of the Roman civilization.

  • Introduction to the History of the Sanisera Site.

  • Minorcan archaeology before the Roman conquest of the Balearic Islands.



General Information What you will learn 
Useful Information Staff Sess. & Cost