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 029: 'Underwater Pompeii'. Research and Survey in the singular Portus Iulius (Naples, Italy).

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What you will learn ?

In the Fieldwork

  • How to survey and which archaeological techniques are used.

  • Portus IuliusUse and handling of the tools that are used during the survey process.

  • Recording data obtained during the survey.

  • Study submerged archaeological remains in Baia Underwater Park.
  • Practice in the recognition of structures and archaeological remains in Portus Iulius to make a detailed map of the Roman port infrastructure and analyze the spatial distribution of all objects we will find underwater.

In the laboratory

  • Portus IuliusRecording data obtained during the survey -diary and systematic methodology sheets-.

  • Study and typological classification of archaeological Roman objects discovered during the underwater survey.

  • Relative dating based on the classification of the archaeological objects discovered during the survey.



  • Underwater Archaeological background of Portus Iulius and Baiae.

  • Ancient trade in Sanisera and the Western Mediterranean Sea.

  • Ancient navigation.

  • Roman Ports

  • Roman Horreae

  • History, archaeology, economy and culture of The Phlegrean Fields and Portus Iulius.

General Information What you will learn 
Useful Information Staff Sess. & Cost