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 030: Discover archaeology and the ancient art in The Louvre Museum (Paris, France) & Dig in the Roman City of Sanisera (Menorca, Spain)


16 days each session  
Sess. Dates Cost
Sess. #01 2020 | May 1st - May 16th $ 2,400
Sess. #02 2020 | May 19th - June 03rd $ 2,400
Sess. #03 2020 | June 6th - June 21th $ 2,400
Sess. #04 2020 | June 26th - July 11th $ 2,400
Sess. #05 2020 | July 14th - July. 29th $ 2,400
Sess. #06 2020 | Aug. 1st - Aug. 16th $ 2,400
Sess. #07 2020 | Aug. 19th - Sept. 03rd $ 2,400
Terms and conditions of payment  

Course fee includes

  • Course tuition
  • Accommodation.
  • Daily transportation to/from the archaeological fieldwork.
  • Flight to Menorca - Paris / Paris - Menorca (students can only take a cabin bag weighing up to 10 kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (only while in Sanisera - Menorca)
  • In case of needing to process Schengen Visa the mandatory letter of invitation will be written so you can travel and participate in our courses.
  • Certificate of participation

*If you sign up for two sessions in a row (32 days) that take place in Menorca, the days between sessions ( 3 or 4 days) you will have the accommodation for free.

Airfare not included from the student home to/from Menorca (Spain).

During the archaeological tour in Paris meals are not included (only 8 days of the 16 days of the course, although we will recommend some cafés and restaurants that do not exceed the average of 20€/day in meals.

Entry tickets to museums and historical buildings are not included either..

Spaces avalaible

The course is limited to 8 participants per session. Reservations are only effective when payment of the registration fee is received. If for any reason the course is cancelled, payment is returned according to the field school refund policy.

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