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 044: Discover the Museums in Berlin & Dig in the Roman City of Sanisera

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What you will learn ?

Roman PoteryIn the Fieldwork

  • How to dig and which archaeological techniques are used.

  • Use and handling of the tools that are used during the excavation process.

  • Basic principles of stratigraphy.

  • Recording the data obtained during the excavation using the Harris Method.

  • Practice on the recognition of archaeological materials and Roman finds from the II century B.C. - VI A.D.

  • Basic procedures for sample collection.

In the laboratory

  • Study and typological classification of archaeological objects of Roman archaeology:ceramics, numismatics, faunal remains, metals and glass.

  • Relative dating based on the classification of archaeological objects discovered in the stratigraphic sequence.

House Altar wih Akhenaten Nefertiti and Three Daughters limestone New Kingdom Amarna period saniseraTheory

  • History, archaeology, economy and culture of the Roman civilization.

  • Introduction to the History of the Sanisera Site.

  • Minorcan archaeology before the Roman conquest of the Balearic Islands.

Art & Museums

  • Visit Berlin to discover the archaeology and ancient art in The Pergamon Museum and Neues Museum, two of the most important collections of art of the world.

  • Discover in Berlin the collections of ancient civilizations including antiques from Syria, Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt, Rome, Etruscan and Europe archaeology.


General Information What you will learn 
Useful Information Staff Sess. & Cost