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 Archaeology Institute. Terms & Conditions of Payment

Schedule of Payment

To reserve a space, you must pay a $350 application fee (which counts towards the total cost). The remainder of the program cost will be due 60 days before the start of the elected session.

Yes participants can make the entire payment at once to avoid extra bank fees (but remember that your space is not reserved until we at least receive a $350 deposit).

If the final payment due date has past when you sign up, please just make the entire payment ASAP.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

- All payments are 100% refundable more than 90 days prior to the start of the elected course.

- 89 days prior to the start of the elected course, the $350 application fee is non-refundable.

- All payments are non-refundable less than 70 days prior to the start of the elected session. However, 15% of the payment (-not including the application fee-) will be refunded due to a documented injury or illness to the participant or family member with justified and certified documentation. No refund is available for participants that choose to leave before the scheduled date.

Right of Refusal

-If for any reason the elected session is canceled, all payments are 100% refundable, travel expenses not included.

- Participants that do not participate on a daily basis in the scheduled activities will not be allowed to stay in the residency and asked to leave the course. There is no refund available for participants that decide to leave the course early unless it is for a document injury or illness of the participant or the participant's family.

-The program director reserves the right to expel a participant from the program should that person's behavior compromise the safety, research objectives and general performance of the group, or violate European laws, regulations or customs. In the case of expulsion, the participant loses all rights to the program (including room and board). In the case of expulsion, program payment is non-refundable.

By sending us your application, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the above.